• Cape Trafalgar on our horse riding holidays.
  • Beach horse riding on vacation
  • Forest horse riding on our equestrian holidays.
  • Overlooking a superb view on our equestrian holiday.

Full Board Horse Riding Holidays

Superb horse riding on the beach
Fantastic forest horse riding
Luxury beach front hotel
5, 8 and 15 day options

Special Offers For 2019 Holidays

£75 / 75€ p/p off our help & ride holidays for two riders travelling together
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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.


Are you open all year?

We are open for most of the year, closing for December, January and the first three weeks of August.

Can you ride on the beach?

Yes, we are allowed to ride on the beach all year. However due to the number of sunbathers time on the beach is reduced during July and August.

Do you include flights?

Guests purchase their own flights giving them the option to choose a departure airport that suits them.

Do you have weight or age limits?

Our weight limit is 13 stone, 83 kilos or 182 pounds. We have no age limit, however we have no ponies so our holidays are not suitable for young children.

Do you supply riding hats?

No, our guests must bring all of their own riding gear.

Are there toiletries and hair dryers in the bedrooms?

Yes, also there are supermarkets close to the hotel for extra choice of toiletries.

Do you have a non riding option?

Yes, our holidays offer a great option for non riders.

Is there WiFi at the hotel?

Yes, there is free WiFi at the hotel, and connection details will be provided on arrival.

What is the maximum number of riders?

We have a maximum riding group of seven riders.

Do I have to have travel insurance?

Travel insurance should be purchased for the duration of your stay with us. It is also recomended to purchase well in advance in case you have to cancel your holiday last minute due to illness, etc.

What type of tack is used?

We use good quality English saddles and bridles.

Do you provide airport transfers?

Yes, we provide airport transfers from Malaga airport at specied times.

What days do your holidays run from?

Our short breaks start on Wednesdays, and our week holidays start and finish on Sundays.

What level of rider should I be?

We do not take beginner or novice riders. All our riding guests should be confident and able to control a well schooled horse our of doors at canter.

Do you offer riding instruction?

We do not offer formal lessons or tuition, but help and guidance can be given during the rides.

Do you offer day rides without accommodation?

When we have availability of horses we can offer day rides. However during our busier months we can only confirm availability relatively last minute.

Horse riding through a forest on holiday in Spain Beach horse riding while on our equestrian vacation in Spain