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Horse Riding Holidays in Andalusia, Spain


Luxury horse riding holiday in unspoilt Andalusia.
Unspoilt countryside for horse riding holidays
Equestrian holidays in Spain.
Equestrian holiday in the Cadiz province in Spain.

Unbeatable Horse Riding

Unspoilt golden beaches
Beautiful nature reserve
Canters along sandy forest tracks
Fast canters / gallops along wide forest firebreaks
Beach canters and gallops
Small and friendly town
Plenty to see and do after riding
Sunbathing most of the year
Taxis and buses to see more of the area
Sea front bars to relax in
Small groups
We don't take novice or beginner riders

Beautiful Unspoilt Andalucia

Superb Horse Riding Holiday Location.

The Cadiz coastline is one of the truly unspoilt areas in Europe and is an ideal location for a horse riding holiday. Our horse riding holidays are based in the seaside town of Barbate, a modern town of some 20.000 people. Located at the centre of a beautiful nature reserve, this typical Spanish town provides a perfect base for horse riding Holidays. The town has a 2 km long golden sandy beach, ideal for sunbathing after riding. The beach is lined by an idyllic promenade, that has a multitude of ice-cream parlours, bars, and restaurants to relax in. Barbate has great shopping and sightseeing with the town having a bus and taxi service. The town is ideal for a vacation at any time of year, and you will be given a friendly welcome by the local people.

Unspoilt Nature Park

The natural park of Barbate consists of spectacular cliffs, beautiful woods of umbrella pines and the marshes of the river Barbate. The park offers stunning views towards the African coastline and towards cape Trafalgar and its beaches. Home to teeming colonies of herring gulls and egrets, along with a stunning variety of wildflowers, herbs, and palms. The park forms what is considered one of the most diverse and best-preserved parts of the Andalusian coast. Our local knowledge is second to none, with over twenty years of organising horse riding holidays in the area we are able to lead you to really spectacular places.

Torre de Tajo on our equestrian vacation
A horse cantering through the forest on our equestrian vacation
Horses on Cape Trafalgar on our horse riding vacation

Idyllic Horse Riding

Superb Horse Riding Vacation.

Our routes follow a multitude of tracks through the Barbate Nature Reserve, which is a huge area ideal for horse riding. The sandy forest floor is an all-weather surface that is perfect for long canters. The park is also dissected by long, wide firebreaks ideal for a gallop. The beaches are superb and are every horse riders dream. The shade provided by the forest is perfect for both riders and horses and means that it is never too hot for riding. The quality of our Andalusian horses along with the beauty of the landscape will give you a horse riding holiday that you will always remember.


Summer Beach Horse Riding

Unlike most other horse riding holidays on the Iberian Peninsula we are able to ride on the beach for twelve months of the year. The law in Spain and Portugal prohibits taking horses on the beach at any time of the year. However, in practise this law is only enforced when the beaches are heavily used. On the main Spanish Costa's like the Costa del Sol this law is enforced stringently. On the Costa de la Luz the law is only enforced on busy beaches from 1st June to 30th September. We are lucky here as we have beaches where this law is not enforced.

Beaches - the Ultimate Riding Fantasy

On beach days your dreams come true, with sea and sand extending for kilometres before you. Two of our routes on our horse riding holidays take in the beach where you will enjoy a riding experience never to be forgotten. At times the beach ride is fast and exhilarating, at times it is mesmerising and relaxing. Our longest beach ride takes us to Cape Trafalgar, the site of the sea battle in 1805, where the beaches total about 10 kilometres. Time spent on the beach is a mixture of meandering in the surf, gentle canters, and the occasional gallop. The second beach ride takes us to Hierbabuena beach at Barbate. This beach is as close to paradise as you can get. About a kilometre long this beach is loved by both riders and horses who enjoy having a good gallop.


Unbeatable Riding Weather.

During summer it is possible to sunbathe almost every day from May through to October. There is virtually no rain with daily highs ranging from 25°C to 35°C and nightly lows about 15°C. Winter is mild with warm days and cooler evenings. The first rains are late September or early October and rarely last more than a day or two. Daily highs range from 15°C to 20°C and nightly lows rarely below 10°C.

Swimming after riding on our equestrian vacation
Horses walking to the beach on our equestrian vacation
Barbate promenade on our horse riding holiday

Current Weather in Barbate


Superb Choice Of Holidays

Superb Horse Riding Holidays in Spain, Europe


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