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Horse Riding Holidays in Andalusia, Spain


Unspoilt beaches for horse riding holidays
Superb views on a horse riding holiday
Superb horse riding holidays on golden beaches
Horse riding holidays with lovely views

Fantastic Horse Riding and Farm

Beautiful golden beaches
Unspoilt pine forest
Large fields for horse turnout
Stalls for feeding and tacking up
Guest rest room
Separate feed and tack rooms
Toilet facilities at farm
Transfers between hotel and farm

Unbeatable Horse Riding Facilities

Superb Riding Location

Our trails provide superb off road horse riding through the Barbate nature reserve. With direct access to the nature reserve, we have fantastic riding through unspoilt forests and unforgettable days on the beach. With long wide firebreaks, and twisty forest tracks the park could have been designed for horse riding. Each day there are plenty of opportunities for long collected canters and exhilarating gallops. In-between canters the pace is leisurely, enabling us to take in the tranquillity of the forest. The topsoil of the forest is sand, and the going is good whatever the weather.


Riding Itinerary

Our farm is only a few minutes' drive out of Barbate, and on arrival the horses will be ready to ride. An average of four and a half hours each day is spent in the saddle with a short break part way round. After returning to the farm lunch is taken at a local 'Venta' nearby. Returning to Barbate between 16:00 and 16:30 the afternoon is free to spend on the beach, sightseeing or shopping.

Our Horses.

We currently have thirteen horses. Two are pure bred Andalusian (PRE), and the rest are all Andalusian or Arab crosses, ranging from 14.3hh to 16.3hh in size. Our horses are well mannered, forward going, and responsive, with a kind calm temperament. Bought locally our horses stay with us for life. They are sure footed, strong, and used to riding in the warm Spanish climate.


Our Farm.

Covering 1.5 hectares our farm shares a border with the natural park and is partly covered by pine trees. There are large fields for the horses to be turned out, and each horse has a stall for feeding, and getting them ready to ride. The buildings on the farm are spacious and provide us with a feed room, storeroom, tack room and a guest rest room with toilet.

view of Barbate on our equestrian vacation
a gallop through the surf on our horse riding vacation
Sunset at Barbate on our horse riding vacation

Horse Care, Group Size, etc.

Our Horse Care.

Our horses are kept in the most natural way possible turned out together. Partly covered by a pine wood our farm provides the horses with plenty of shelter from sun, wind, and rain. The horses are brought in each day, fed hard feed, and checked over. Hay is given ad lib in the fields for them. With this system of horse care the horses socialise with each other and are a happy family group. On riding days, the horses are turned out to the highest standard, fit, and happy to be ridden. Our standard of horse care is high with the health and welfare of the horses being paramount.


Group Size.

The riding group is kept to a maximum of eight riders plus guides, this enables you to enjoy the experience of a small and friendly group.

Choosing Your Horse.

One of our most important roles is choosing the correct horse for you, and we have over 20 years wealth of experience in matching horses to riders. A horse will be chosen for you that will suit your riding ability, experience, and physical size. We have a variety of horses and some suit the less confident rider with others the more proficient rider. Our holidays are aimed at riders who are comfortable riding a horse at all paces within the varied environments of forest and beach.



We use top quality English saddles and bridles.


Weight Limit.

Weight limit of 13 stone, 83 kilos or 182 pounds.

Our horses turned out
The horses in their stalls
Entrance to our facilities

Superb Choice Of Holidays

Superb Horse Riding Holidays in Spain, Europe


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