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Horse Riding Holidays in Andalusia, Spain


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Enjoying lunch at Venta Luis

Baggie wanting to play

Romero and Mariquilla saying hello

Here's looking at you kid!

A Chameleon near the beach at Barbate

Lovely palomino horse at the Jerez Feria

Girls with traditional flamenco dresses at the Jerez Feria

Riders enjoying glasses of sherry at the Jerez Feria

Carriage horses at the Jerez Feria

Baggie with a huge bone

Donkeys at the Vejer Feria

Riders enjoying the sunshine at the Vejer Feria

Riders at the Vejer Feria

The Vejer Feria

Baggie looking expectantly

The lunch stop - Venta Luis

Pre dinner drinks

A Gecko

Seafood paella for dinner

Our dogs Baggie and Mini-Mi

Being served at the Bar Azul

Lunch at Venta Luis

One of our dogs called baggie

Baggie loves playing with Mini-Mi

Dinner on the seafront at Barbate

Enjoying dinner

Swimming off Barbate beach

Sunbathing on Barbate beach

Mini-Mi with a full tummy

Mini-Mi as a puppy

Whisky enjoying an impromptu drink

The guide horses relaxing


Superb Horse Riding Holidays in Spain, Europe


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